Secure Cloud Managed Software Defined IoT Networks

IoTium simplifies establishing and managing secure network
infrastructure for Industrial IoT

Product Highlights

SecuritySecure perimeter automatically enforced from edge to edge
Protects legacy IoT infrastructure (edge devices and edge gateways)
ScalabilityAbility to operate at scale (millions and billions of devices) that Industrial IoT demands
Zero-Touch ProvisioningEasy to Deploy
Bridges Legacy Non-IP &
Next Generation IP Networks
Service chaining made possible across both domains
HorizontalEliminates the need for vertical siloed custom-built IoT networks
Cloud ManagedProvides simplicity of operations and OPEX reduction via secure management from the cloud
Multi-Tenancy (Data Brokering)Enables secure, policy enforced data brokering among multiple tenants
OpenAllows customers the freedom to work with any sensor, any physical infrastructure, any operator and any analytics provider
Software DefinedCreates an abstracted virtual overlay network over disparate physical networks
Centrally managed single pane view into the entire IoT network (source to sink)

Runs on all Intel X86 based servers and gateways that use processors such as Core, Xeon, Pentium and Atom.
Certified partners include gateways from Advantech, Dell, Lanner, Cisco and Gigabyte. Minimum requirements for X86 based gateways are
Intel Atom based processor, 512MB RAM, 4 GB HDD/flash/SSD, ethernet/WiFi/Cellular for communication.
Also available on other architectures

Additional Features

Enables Protocol Abstraction

Uniform QoS Policy Language (QPL) with adapters across protocols

Policy Based WAN Optimization

Optimize network bandwidth usage and handle lossy connectivity seamlessly

Edge Analytics

Ability to distribute logic and compute from the cloud to the edge of the IoT network so as to optimize performance and reduce latencies

Protocol Software Adapter Lifecycle Management

Enables protocol software adapter lifecycle management for millions and billions of edge gateways via the cloud (no truck rolls)

Use Cases

Building Automation

The customer wanted to minimize cost of provisioning edge gateways

IoTium’s zero-touch provisioning architecture eliminated the need for truck rolls completely

Smart City

The customer wanted to run
image analytics at the edge

IoTium enabled the customer to dynamically deploy edge analytics and actions

Industrial Automation

The customer had a significant security issue, and needed to manage hundreds of peering and VPN tunneling agreements with multiple operators globally

IoTium’s secure book-ended overlay architecture eliminated the need for any VPN/Peering agreements.
No more operator dependency whatsoever.
Choose any operator, any physical connectivity, anywhere across the globe.


The customer’s assets were transmitting a significant amount data insecurely

IoTium protected the customer from rogue
devices trying to collect data.
IoTium’s policy-based data filtering engine enabled the customer to filter and compress data dynamically.

Oil & Gas

The customer needed data brokering

IoTium enabled authentication, authorization and
data sharing from the edge, real-time,
with multiple entities in the cloud.
Each entity can now dynamically change filtering,
WAN optimization and QoS policies for data
it is authorized to access.


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The Team

Founder & CEO
Ron Victor

Ron Victor

VP Engineering
Dhawal Tyagi

Dhawal Tyagi

Head of Eng. India
Sady Kanthadai

Sady Kanthadai

Principal Engineer
Prabakar Sundarrajan

Dhruva Narasimhan

Technical Advisor
Prabakar Sundarrajan

Prabakar Sundarrajan

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